The Hobnob, Alameda

The Hobnob is a great place to go to get a hangover or cure one. This pub is the perfect spot to go to on a Friday or Saturday night if you're looking for a bar with a flare. While The Hobnob offers you all of the amenities of your traditional bar, they also provide board games for your amusement pleasure. I went for Sunday brunch. I started off with the bottomless mimosas which to my surprise and delight was more champagne than juice. The glasses are literally filled a third, maybe even a fourth of the way with orange juice and the rest is alcohol. I ordered the breakfast burrito with home fries and a side of bacon. The burrito is offered dry or wet, I opted for the wet which meant it was topped with enchilada sauce. While the burrito was good, I will say it was way too much egg for me. The whole burrito consists of eggs, pasilla peppers, green onions, and salsa on the side. I prefer breakfast burritos containing a mixture of egg, sausage or bacon, potatoes, and cheese. I pretty much had all of the elements, they just weren't inside my burrito, plus I had to order the bacon on the side. Overall I'd go back to The Hobnob, but I would choose a different dish. There was this amazing looking chicken sandwich on their menu that I think I'll try next. 

The Hobnob, Breakfast Burrito  Photo Credit: Mechelle Miller

The Hobnob, Breakfast Burrito

Photo Credit: Mechelle Miller

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